The HaaSii Spirals Story

We found the perfect logo for our Club when some of us wanted to co-create a vegetable garden.

A multi-cultural group of us in Chiang Mai went out learning together to a permaculture farm one day, where we saw a spiral designed to enrich the soil. We decided to copy the idea, not knowing then what the spiral would later come to mean to our new Cross-Cultural Co-Creation Club.

We dug a trench and filled it with biomass, then mixed new soil with the old to create a ridge. In that spiralling ridge of enriched soil we planted food. In between the ridges we planted ground peanut with yellow flowers, which is known to fix nitrogen into the soil. We hoped that the spiral’s nutrients would spread to help nurture life in our garden’s citified clay soil.

Our first spiral

There was one in our group who didn’t like to dig or plant so much. While the rest were working on the garden, he spent his days drawing and reading about spirals instead. First on paper, then on a computer, he channelled his energy and talents into drafting a logo concept.

He proposed the spiral as a perfect symbol for what our Cross-Cultural Co-Creation Club would someday be.

We turned to our online community for opinions. A graphic designer friend took it on, posting his own version of the spiral, which you see at the top of this website.

Since then we’ve been co-creating spirals all over the place.

Some of us painted one on the floor of a home, at the center of a mandala we co-created.

Some of us planted one with flowers to celebrate the beauty our club was seeding.

The HaaSii Wave campaign concept was inspired by a spiral in 2018.  Today every participant at a HaaSii Wave event receives a wooden “love leaf” as a gift, that’s stamped on the back with a spiral.

Where shall we co-create some spirals next?

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