About HaaSii

HaaSii Club is a private global network of families, friends, and friends of friends, who meet up for informal events and adventures around the world.

We are refugees and nomads, expats and immigrants, housewives and neighbors, retirees and young people with our whole lives ahead. We know each other… Or we know people who know us through people we know in common. We come from all walks of life and speak many native languages. As of mid-2018 we are 300+ people – from about 30 countries – who are connected through our participation in HaaSii Club activities.

  • Some of us love to travel; some of us have had to leave our countries due to circumstances beyond our own control.
  • Some of us love to receive guests; some of us have no other economic opportunity
  • Some of us work with world-changing passion in multicultural professional settings, while some of us want to live our lives feeling connected to good things happening happen in the world.

What we all share in common is our choice to make time and space in our lives for building meaningful relationships with people from cultural backgrounds that are different from our own.

We are HaaSii,
we love making multicultural magic happen,
and we are all over the world…


What does “HaaSii” mean?

In 2016, our club was calling ourselves the Cross-Cultural Co-Creation Club.  You’ll notice the five C’s in that really long and awkward name.

During some co-creative adventures in Northern Thailand, our Thai speaking friends started calling the club “Haa Sii,” with the appropriate tones to mean “5 C’s” in their Thai language.

Though only a few of us can actually say the Thai tones correctly, the shorter name stuck. Without the proper tones it’s a made up word that doesn’t actually mean anything.

Even if nobody else knows what HaaSii means, we know that “cross-cultural co-creation” is in our unusual Club name’s DNA.


HaaSii Club Guiding Principles

Over the course of many group reflections and co-creative activities, HaaSii members have identified a number of core principles that intuitively guide our efforts in learning to work together well across cultures.

“Cross-Cultural Co-Creation” – as our Club practices it – means:

  1. Respect every participant’s perspective and wisdom
  2. Treat each other with love and kindness
  3. Open to each other through creativity and play
  4. Design time for deep conversation and process
  5. Listen to discover and learn from each other
  6. Connect with nature to align with our true selves
  7. Give space for unlimited new thoughts and ideas
  8. Notice and follow the natural energy in a group
  9. Align co-creative actions with a clear purpose
  10. Start with whatever we already have
  11. Assume abundance: of time, energy and resources to be found
  12. Just try: Prototype and document everything
  13. Allow for unexpected meanings, impacts and outcomes to emerge over time

HaaSii Club’s legal status

HaaSii Club is not a non-profit or a “non-” anything else. We are friends and friends of friends co-creating a global story together, building world-changing energy and value in a whole new kind of very personal way.

HaaSii Club and the HaaSii Wave campaign are private social initiatives from Christinaswwworld Unlimited, a Los Angeles based consultancy for unlimiting your impact in our world. The Club’s Founder and designer of the Wave campaign has been a Fellow with the Ashoka network of Innovators for the Public since 2001. Following an earlier 10 year career in managing international development aid, she has spent 20 years self-starting co-creative experiments in culturally diverse communities on the 4 continents where she has lived.

It is our Founder’s intention that at the end of the HaaSii Wave campaign in 2020, the Club will transition to a co-operatively owned and co-creatively governed legal entity, giving certified Wave animators and members a shareholding voice and financial stake in whatever happens next with the value we’ve collectively built in 30 months along the Wave.

Yes, we are collecting donations. And.

Financial donations from beautiful people like you are not the only source of income foreseen to help the Wave move forward. And yet, we can surely use them – especially during our 7 month global start-up phase. If you believe in the value of co-creating a whole new kind of global story in our increasingly digitalized and story-controlled world, and if you would love to support the Wave financially, we will surely use those funds in good faith to facilitate the Wave campaign plan as outlined in these pages.

Specifically during our 7 months start-up phase, online donations AND co-creation camp bookings AND certification training fees will help finance the Club’s Wave campaign investments in:

  • village-crafted event supplies: providing Wave related employment for our friends in Uganda and Thailand first.
  • reservations for at least 4 international Co-Creation camps on 4 continents
  • Certification trainer costs and trainee financing plans
  • Club technology development needs, and
  • ensuring, as needed, that marginalized groups and remote villages are able to engage with and influence the Wave’s collective exploration of the Sustainable Development Goals as early as possible.

Opportunities to sponsor animator certification-related costs for specific amazing individuals who will bring the Wave to their countries will be widely promoted by the Club starting in August 2018.

Thank you in advance for your support to the Wave’s intentions, your trust in our sincerity, and for any small or large amount you’d like to contribute toward making the HaaSii Wave happen. Everywhere.