About HaaSii

Who we are

HaaSii Club is a private global network of families, friends, and friends of friends, who meet up for informal events and adventures around the world. We are refugees and nomads, expats and immigrants, housewives and neighbors, retirees and young people with our whole lives ahead.  

We know each other. Or we know people who know us through people we know in common. We come from all walks of life and speak many native languages. As of mid-2017 we are 225+ people – from about 30 countries – who are connected through our participation in HaaSii Club activities. 

– Some of us love to travel; some of us have had to leave our beloved homes.

– Some of us love to receive guests; some of us have no other economic opportunity.

– Some of us work with passion to nurture co-creative relationships in multi-cultural professional settings, and some of us just want to live our lives feeling connected to diverse people and good stuff that's happening in the world.

What we all share in common is our choice to make time and space in our lives for building meaningful relationships with people from cultural backgrounds that are different from our own.

We are HaaSii, we love making inter-cultural magic, and we are all over the world.


What we do

We design lead and host experiences (often in our own homes) that bring folks from different cultural backgrounds together in fun and co-creative ways.

While we do have a special Club culture, no two HaaSii gatherings are exactly the same – it all depends on the personal connections of the members involved. We might, for example:

  • gather with Romanian and Morrocan immigrants for a dinner party in Spain,
  • lead a classroom talk about racism with international school students in Chile,
  • host an after work World Cafe conversation at someone's office in Chicago, or
  • spend a week co-creating multi-cultural art in someone's garden in Thailand.

Whatever kind of HaaSii magic ends up happening, we make an effort to share what we've experienced, captured and learned with other members and non-members alike on the co-creators blog.


Why we do it

Our members participate in the HaaSii Club because we believe in the importance and value of making an effort to understand and develop meaningful relationships with people from many different cultures. 

We are not an "organization" or a "company" or a "not-for-something" group that's trying to change the world. We are a global private network/social club of super cool people who support each other in making good things happen in our lives and communities. We deeply enjoy making meaningful cross-cultural connections happen, wherever we are in the world. 


How we do it

Our members have access to a HaaSii Club general framework for hosting and documenting club events and co-creative experiences, including some really cool tools, fun games and downloadable learning aids.

We use this online portal as a starting point for helping us find and keep track of each other, and to connect around developing mini-events and longer term co-creative stuff. We invite folks we know to participate in whatever we're planning, AND we have a ton of fun. 

Membership in the HaaSii Club is by invitation only; you must first be invited by an existing member in good standing who knows you in person. Club event invitations are available solely at the discretion of each event's organizers, and according to local laws in each location.