About HaaSii

HaaSii Club is a private global network of families, friends, and friends of friends, who meet up for co-creative events and adventures around the world.

We are refugees and nomads, expats and immigrants, housewives and neighbors, retirees and young people with our whole lives ahead. We know each other… Or we know people who know us through people we know in common. We come from all walks of life and speak many native languages. As of mid-2018 we are 300+ people – from about 30 countries – who are connected through our participation in HaaSii Club activities.

  • Some of us love to travel; some of us have had to leave our countries due to circumstances beyond our own control.
  • Some of us love to receive guests; some of us have no other economic opportunity
  • Some of us work with world-changing passion in multicultural professional settings, while some of us want to live our lives feeling connected to good things happening happen in the world.

What we all share in common is our choice to make time and space in our lives for building meaningful relationships with people from cultural backgrounds that are different from our own.

We are HaaSii,
we co-create change,
and we are all over the world…


What does “HaaSii” mean?

In 2016, our club was calling ourselves the Cross-Cultural Co-Creation Club.  You’ll notice the five C’s in that really long and awkward name.

During some co-creative adventures in Northern Thailand, our Thai speaking friends started calling the club “Haa Sii,” with the appropriate tones to mean “5 C’s” in their Thai language.

Though only a few of us can actually say the Thai tones correctly, the shorter name stuck. Without the proper tones it’s a made up word that doesn’t actually mean anything.

Even if nobody else knows what HaaSii means, we know that “cross-cultural co-creation” is in our unusual Club name’s DNA.

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