Guiding principles

Over the course of many group reflections and co-creative activities, HaaSii members have identified a number of core principles that seem to intuitively guide our collective efforts in learning to co-create change with people from different cultures.

  1. Respect every participant’s perspective and wisdom
  2. Treat each other with love and kindness
  3. Listen to discover and learn from each other
  4. Make time for authentic conversation and intentional process
  5. Open to each other’s hearts through creativity and play
  6. Give space for unlimited new thoughts and ideas (yes, and…)
  7. Connect with nature to align with our true selves
  8. Notice and nurture the natural energy in a group
  9. Align co-creative actions with purpose
  10. Assume abundance: of time, energy and resources to be found
  11. Start something with whatever we already have
  12. Just try: Prototype and document everything
  13. Allow for unexpected meanings, impacts and outcomes to emerge

These principles guide the HaaSii methodology that we practice in small group Club gatherings everywhere.