HaaSii Club’s legal status

HaaSii Club is not a non-profit or a “non-” anything else. We are a social club of friends and friends of friends, building world-changing energy and distributed financial opportunity together in a whole new kind of way.  The formalization of HaaSii.Club, via this website and international membership programs, is currently supported and managed by Christinaswwworld Unlimited, a Los Angeles based consultancy for unlimiting your impact in our world.

In 2021, the Club will transition to a co-operatively owned and co-creatively governed legal entity, giving certified Animators and members a shareholding voice and financial stake in whatever happens next with the value we’ve collectively built by then. Opportunities to earn shares in HaaSii 2.1 are built into a number of member programs.

HaaSii Club’s founder and current manager, Christina Jordan, has been a Fellow with the Ashoka network of Innovators for the Public since 2001. Following an earlier 10 year career in managing international development aid, she has spent 20 years self-starting co-creative experiments for impact in culturally diverse communities on the 4 continents where she has lived.