HaaSii Conversation Challenge: Human Concepts of HOME

Through this conversation challenge, HaaSii Club members in different parts of the world are inviting friends from different cultures. ages and backgrounds to share moments of magical cross-cultural connection around a concept every human can relate to: Home. 

IMG_8786Challenge basics: 

Who is it for? 

This challenge can be completed by an individual HaaSii Club member, or by a small team of members working together. 

After choosing a space and time, all members involved should invite friends or acquaintances from as many different cultural, age and economic backgrounds as they can. This conversation is especially well suited to people who have lived away from their home culture for any reason. 

The conversation is family friendly for kids 8 and older, and works well for 15-40 participants. Language barriers are usually easy to resolve, and shouldn't prevent anyone from participating.

What's needed? 

This challenge involves hosting a fun and dynamic WorldCafe conversation. To make it happen you'll need:

  • A space that can accomodate a whole group circle and several small break-out groups of 3-6 people each.
  • Pens/markers and paper
  • A time-keeping piece
  • A bell or noisemaker
  • A small notebook
  • Drinking water & a simple snack like fruit or popcorn
  • The step by step hosting instructions provided for HaaSii Club members.

When should it happen?

There is no deadline for this challenge – it's an ongoing global conversation! 

Approximately 2 -3 hours should be scheduled for the event, preferably NOT around mealtime.

This includes time for 

  • an opening introduction circle, (30-40 min)
  • a worldcafe conversation in 4 parts (1.5 hrs) 
  • a closing circle (15-25 min).

Why this conversation? 

Exploring a human concept as basic and simple as "home" invites participants into a neutral, immediately familiar and comfortable topic space around which deep sharing can occur. Everyone can find something to contribute, which they know about from personal experience. There is no right or wrong. There is no leader to agree with or oppose. Magic happens when participants see the similarities and differences in each other's diverse experiences, and find empathy with each other around something so humanly relatable. 

As an international club, HaaSii is co-creating an archive of the outcomes from these conversations, with the aim of witnessing what we can learn about humanity, and sharing those insights in meaningful ways.

HaaSii Club members who complete this challenge can earn up to 60 Hearts of HaaSii Love, depending on how and how much they share with the club about their challenge experience. 

How do I get started? 

  1. Form your team.
    Try the HaSii Club Facebook Group to find other members in your area who might want to work together.
  2. Choose a time and place. 
    Your place after dinner? Someone's office after work hours? A public park on a weekend afternoon? 
  3. Send out invitations
    Samples coming soon – let us know if you need help on this part!
  4. Host your event
    Just follow these step by step instructions
  5. Share what happened
    Still working on a form for submitting photos & transcribed notes (blog posts or 30 second video clips optional)

Where has this HaaSii Challenge already happened?

  1. Shambala Festival, Chiang Dao, Thailand (Feb 2017)
  2. Barcelona, Spain (April 2017)