Have you received a love leaf?

Get your worldwide HaaSii Club event invitations for 2018-2019 here

Your love leaf, hand-carved in a remote refugee village deep in a South East Asian jungle, is HaaSii Club's unique human to human global verification technology.

HaaSii Club has been distributing hand carved "love leaves" to people we love from all over the world since 2016.

Starting in 2018, a registered love leaf is also your personal invitation and identification key for joining HaaSii in a world-wide wave of multi-cultural magic that we're activating from June 2018-Dec 2019 on every continent.

Once you register your favorite love leaf below, you'll get to decide when, where and how far to jump into our co-created wave of HaaSii-style magic.

If you currently have one (1) or MANY love leaves: 

  • Please keep one for yourself and register it to find out about scheduled HaaSii Club experiences worldwide that you are invited to participate in between June 2018 and Dec 2019. 

  • Please give your extra love leaves away with love now, to individuals you personally know, and who you think would bring the right level of kindness, energy, wisdom, curiosity and diversity to the magical local/global mosaic of interesting humans we're connecting. Be sure to direct your friends here to register the love leaf you gave them as soon as they can.

Here's how it works

Most HaaSii activities are hosted in private spaces, and are not advertised on social media. Love leaves are only distributed face to face, to and through people who've personally participated in HaaSii Club mini-events, workshops or cross-cultural co-creation experiences. 

Your registered love leaf is our way of knowing you're a real person – known, trusted and invited with respect by someone already known to the club in some way. 

  • When you register your love leaf, we'll ask for info about you, about your love leaf, and about how it came into your posession. With that information we will be able to verify the series of real world HaaSii connections involved in how you obtained it. Once that's verified, we'll add you to our worldwide events invitation list. 
  • In June 2018 we'll start sending a monthly email to everyone registered, listing scheduled HaaSii Club experiences in towns and cities and villages in different parts of the world. Some will be in your local community or a nearby city, some might be in places you're traveling to. Some will be free to attend, some may request a small contribution toward expenses, some may offer homestay options. Every event will offer an opportunity to experience some safe, wholesome and meaningful multi-cultural magic, with super cool people who may be very different from you. 
  • You will need to RSVP to an event on the list that you want to attend, as space available is always limited. Then you'll connect with the hosts directly, and show up with your registered love leaf to the address they provide you.
  • If you are not already known to the event hosts, you'll also need to upload a recent photo of you and your love leaf with your RSVP, so your hosts will know who to expect at the door. They'll also get access to your loveleaf registration info, so they can be sure to welcome you properly. 

Ok, I get it! Please add me to the HaaSii worldwide invitation list for 2018-19

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