HaaSii.Club Gatherings Worldwide

We gather.
We travel to gather.
We co-create change. Everywhere.

HaaSii.Club gatherings around the world invite cross-cultural discovery and small-group dialogue about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development into our members’ family homes, workplaces, leisure spaces and even remote villages – everywhere that our growing global club can reach.

Guided by an international team of certified member animators, each type of HaaSii gathering connects participants to a collective global club process, while also providing a unique and authentic local experience of personal connection and cross-cultural learning.

Global Calendar

See a list of all upcoming HaaSii.Club gatherings worldwide. Registered members receive a monthly email with calendar updates and member discount codes.


Any house can be a HaaSii a clubhouse, where cross-cultural co-creative energies can spark and be shared for our common personal, local and global good. Members can attend, host or learn to lead HaaSii gatherings in their own communities or wherever they are traveling to.

Co-creation Camps

Co-creation Camp is a 2.5 day opportunity for HaaSii.Club members and their friends with passion for the planet to get away in nature. We’ll connect with ourselves and a diverse international group of passionate people, about who we are and what we can do to bring forth a new kind of local and global story at this turbulent time in our world – in our own lives and in support of each other.

Village Adventures

HaaSii Village Adventures are a 21st century model for giving value to old cultural knowledge in under-connected parts of the world. In 2019, we’re targeting remote villages in Uganda and Thailand with a year-long pilot series of monthly 2 day adventures designed to offer an authentic cultural learning experience for visitors, and leave villagers nurtured by the experience (for a change).


Organizations connected to our members are inviting employees and other stakeholders to think and learn from each other co-creatively through the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. and strengthening multi-cultural workplace relationships along the way.