Dive in to the HaaSii Wave experience!

Change how you see the world, and watch your world change. The HaaSii Wave of shared co-creative experiences is expanding the shape and feel of connections between us.

The HaaSii Wave is not a social media campaign. Our Club is not a non-profit or a “non-” anything else. We are friends and friends of friends working together to build connected world-changing energy and value in a whole new kind of way.

Wether you’re already a member or invited by one, here’s a brief guide to how you can dive in to be part of the HaaSii Wave global story through 2020:

Book your first HaaSii Wave experience

HaaSii Wave events are by invitation only, underlining the central importance of face to face personal connections in driving the Wave forward and co-creating a strong global community of people who care about each other.

  • If you’ve received a HaaSii Wave event invitation, say yes! Confirm, show up, and experience for yourself what the Wave is about.
  • If you don’t yet know of anyone connected with the HaaSii.Club, you’re welcome to apply to join us at one of our international Co-creation Camp Weekends.

HaaSii Co-Creation Camp Weekends will be held on at least four continents within the Wave’s 7 month start-up phase. Spaces are limited so be sure to grab your spot as soon as possible.

Register your love leaf

At your first HaaSii Wave event, you’ll receive one or more small hand-carved wooden leaves with something stamped on the back.  If you feel you want to be a part of the locally global HaaSii Wave story that’s emerging, you’re invited to register your love leaf in order to join the HaaSii Club.

If you received more than one love leaf you are welcome keep the one you register, and give the others away to people in your life who you believe belong in the HaaSii Wave story. If you’ve not personally experienced a HaaSii activity, but have received a love leaf from someone who thinks you belong in this global story, you are also invited to register your love leaf in order to join the club.

After you’ve registered one verifiable love leaf, you are encouraged to bring your collection of love leaves to any Wave event you participate in. There will be opportunities along the Wave to redeem the leaves you collect for surprise gifts and member opportunities.

Your registered, verified love leaf also entitles you to:

  • a monthly updated invitation to private HaaSii@Home events happening in cities and towns all over the world,
  • discounts on bookings for HaaSii Co-creation Camp Weekends and Village Adventures worldwide,
  • discounts on HaaSii.Club and HaaSii Villages gift items ordered online, and
  • HaaSii Challenge alerts, proposing concrete ways for you to co-create awesomeness with club members locally or in other parts of the world.

Host a Wave event at your home or workplace

Want to bring a HaaSii Wave event to your community?

Registered Club members can let us know where in the world you are and we’ll do our best to connect you with a Wave animator who can help make your HaaSii@Home event happen.

As a HaaSii@Home event host, you offer or find a home or community space for 3 hours and provide very light refreshments for a gathering of 15-20 people. You’ll get support on inviting a group of your own connections that is as diverse as possible, and other Club members will be notified that there’s an event scheduled at your place. Your animator may also have some local connections to invite. Whoever shows up will be the perfect group to experience the Wave together in your space.

Organizations can invite Wave certified animators to lead HaaSii@Work events for larger groups. Contact your animator for further details. A Global Directory of certified Wave animators will be online in 2019.

Get certified as a Wave animator

The HaaSii Wave animator certification program has been designed for today’s traveling changemaker and local community builder to offer a fun, meaningful and financially interesting add-on activity. You must be invited by a certified Wave animator to join the program.

Become a co-owner of HaaSii.Club 2.0

In 2020, toward the end of our 30 month wave campaign, HaaSii.Club will prepare for a shift to a member designed, owned, operated and governed legal entity. Wave animators with completed certifications in all 4 HaaSii Wave event formats are invited to become co-owners. Every event they have led before the end of 2020 represents an owned share of HaaSii.Club 2.0. Additional Club member opportunities to earn shares will be introduced along the Wave.

Buy HaaSii.Club and HaaSii Village gift products

Coming soon!

  • Conversation Game Cards about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, co-created by HaaSii member artists around the world.
  • Hand woven Kayan Scarves from Huay Pu Keng Village, Thailand
  • Paper bead lanyards from Uganda for wearing your collection of love leaves.

Support the HaaSii Wave financially

Important note: HaaSii Club is not a non-profit or a “non-” anything else. We are friends and friends of friends co-creating a global story together, building world-changing energy and value in a whole new kind of way. For more about our legal status, read here.

Financial donations from beautiful people like you are not the only source of income foreseen to help the Wave move forward. And yet, we can surely use them – especially during our 7 month global start-up phase. If you believe in the value of co-creating a whole new kind of global story in our increasingly digitalized and story-controlled world, and if you would love to support the Wave financially, we will use them in good faith to facilitate the Wave campaign plan as outlined in these pages.

Specifically during our 7 months start-up phase, online donations AND co-creation camp bookings AND certification training fees will help finance the Club’s Wave campaign investments in:

  • village-crafted event supplies: providing Wave related employment for our friends in Uganda and Thailand first.
  • reservations for at least 4 international Co-Creation camps on 4 continents
  • Certification trainer costs and trainee financing plans
  • Club technology development needs, and
  • ensuring, as needed, that marginalized groups and remote villages are able to engage with and influence the Wave’s collective exploration of the Sustainable Development Goals as early as possible.

Opportunities to sponsor animator certification-related costs for specific amazing individuals who will bring the Wave to their countries will be widely promoted by the Club starting in August 2018.

Thank you in advance for your support to the Wave’s intentions, your trust in our sincerity, and for any small or large amount you’d like to contribute toward making the HaaSii Wave happen. Everywhere.