Certified Magic Maker: Christina

HaaSii Hearts 1010
Lifetime Love 1050

Christina is a global citizen and internationally co-parenting mom of 3 amazing dual citizen sons. Almost all of her adult life has been spent living for long periods among different cultures in Europe, Africa and Asia. In 2015, Christina began inviting old and new friends, and friends of friends from around the world to a 1.5 year long series of experimental "cross-cultural co-creation" activities at her home and in a remote village she knows. Those experiments evantually led her to start HaaSii.Club in 2017.  

Recently spotted in:

2017: Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand


  • Tapping into old planetary wisdom about nature through co-creative cross-cultural learning.
  • Radically changing how we think about our international development "aid" systems.
  • Hosting magical multi-cultural events.

Professional journey: 

After an early professional decade in international development aid management, Christina became a social entrepreneur. Named an "Innovator for the Public" by Ashoka in 2001, she has now dedicated more than 20 years of her nomadic life to experimenting with new models for connecting communities of people from different cultures. Her work inspires participants to re-imagine and experience ways that cross-cultural knowledge sharing can mutually enhance our lives. 

Most cherished cross-cultural relationships:

Long term friendships with displaced and war-affected communities in remote (underconnected) parts of the globe (Uganda and Thailand).

HaaSii.Club Challenges Completed: 

Date Challenge Name & Location Role Hearts Earned
02/18/2017 Concepts of Home Worldcafe – Shambala Main host 40
04/21/2017 Concepts of Home Worldcafe – Barcelona Co-host (w/Elia & Gina) 20


HaaSii.Club Members Invited:

HaaSii Name Member since: Recently spotted in:
Hester Sept 2015 Colombia, Netherlands, Iran, Thailand
Elia Aug 2016 Thailand, Denmark, Spain
Nutcha Oct 2016 Thailand
Cara Apr 2016 Thailand, Netherlands
Gina Sept 2015 UK, Spain, France, Thailand
Greg Feb 2017 UK, Spain, France, Thailand
Nele   Belgium, Thailand
Carolina   Argentina, Thailand