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Elia was invited to join HaaSii.Club by her friend Christina, who admires her for her open and inquiring perspectives on cultural meaning. In 2016-17 she spent 4 months participating in a variety of multi-cultural magic making experiments in Northern Thailand, and became HaaSii certified there. Supported by Christina and Gina (who later visited her in Barcelona), she became the first ever Certified Multi-Cultural Magic Maker to convene a HaaSii.Club event in her home city – it was a wonderful Worldcafe about "Concepts of Home" with immigrants who had come to Barcelona from Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Africa. A shared moment of multicultural magic was definitely achieved, leaving Elia and her invited guests wanting more! 

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2017:  Thailand, Denmark, Spain

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04/21/2017 Concepts of Home Worldcafe – Barcelona Main Host w/Christina & Gina 40

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