HaaSii.Club Membership

HaaSii.Club is an expanding global trust network of friends and friends of friends who are passionate about our planet and connected through shared co-creative experiences.  We’re a club with a methodology – the way to join is to experience a Club gathering, and then register one of the wooden “love leaves” you receive.

Once you’ve registered your love leaf, you can invite your other friends to join you at any HaaSii Club gathering you’re attending.

In 2019 we will transition to a new technology platform (app) designed to support our evolving needs as a growing global Club. All members registered by then will be automatically entered into the new system, and informed by email when that happens.

Virtual love leaves

August – December 2018, HaaSii.Club is merging the following co-creative networks together:

  • Cross-Cultural Co-Creation Club, Northern Thailand
  • Ci2iGlobal
  • Evolutionize.it
  • LifeInAfrica

If you do not have a wooden love leaf but have participated in one or more of the co-creative initiatives listed above, you are invited and very welcome to join HaaSii.Club before the end of 2018. Request your virtual love leaf here.

What do I get when I join?

Starting in September 2018, HaaSii.Club is inviting a 40 month world wide wave of connected co-creative learning, thinking and action with our members and friends, around the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. We are gathering in homes, workplaces, leisure spaces and remote villages – everywhere our global Club can collectively reach – in order to .

Once you register your love leaf, you’re part of that story to the degree that you want to be. Specifically, all members receive:

  • Monthly invitation email
    Registered members receive a monthly email including an updated invitation to Club gatherings around the world, and opportunities to co-create with other Club members.
  • Member discounts
    Members receive a 20% discount on all Co-creation Camp Weekends and Village Adventures, as well as on Club co-created gift products.
  • Club rebates for inviting friends
    Members receive a $25 Club Rebate for every non-member friend they invite to a paid Club event they’re attending. Club Rebates can be used toward participation in future events or trainings.
  • Animator certification training
    All members are invited to learn how to convene and animate free and paid HaaSii Club events in your own communities, or wherever you’re traveling to. Payment plans, labor trades and club crowdfunding support are available to help any member afford their certification and practice-related costs.
  • Bring HaaSii to your community or workplace
    Our international pool of Club-certified animators is available to help bring a HaaSii gathering to any community. If we’re not active where you are yet, your request to host an event will bring us closer to getting there!
  • Private facebook group
    In addition to a HaaSii.Club page you can follow on facebook, members are welcome to join the private  HaaSii.Club facebook group in order to connect with and communicate with each other until our new platform is ready for use.
  • Income earning opportunities
    Yep.  While earning income should never be a main reason for members to join HaaSii.Club, we’re committed to co-creating income earning opportunities for our members. Co-created club tools & products, hand-crafted products from villages, training certification, and ownership shares are all part of the plan.