Making a HaaSii mini-event, conversation, multi-day event or ongoing co-creative experiment happen requires a little bit of planning & preparation around what to do when your group comes together.

It means thinking through who to invite, a good space to gather, and setting expectations for the available timing for your mini-event. Sounds complicated. but it's not! It just takes a little practice to get the hang of how easy and uncomplicated it can be to create time and space in our lives for some HaaSii magic. As a club, we're learning to make it easier and easier.

HaaSii Club members all over the world are practicing and experimenting with simple games, activity formats and approaches to framing and designing multi-cultural gatherings that create comfortable energy spaces — from which co-creative multi-cultural sharing and magic quickly and organically flows.

We try to process and share our learnings and experiences on the Co-Creator's Blog, and we encourage and help each other along the way thru member calls, social media sharing, and shared archives.