HaaSii Hearts (the 2017 version) are the backbone of HaaSii.Club's international member reward system.

Our members anywhere on the planet can earn virtual "hearts" by completing HaaSii Challenges and (soon) buying HaaSii brand games and tools. 

So far, there's one main thing you can do with your HaaSii Hearts.

Give, trade or sell your HaaSii Hearts to invite new members

In 2017, you can redeem 20 hearts to invite a new member to join HaaSii.Club. 

  • 5 of your hearts will go toward processing their membership, once you submit their new member invitation. 
  • 15 of your hearts will be transferred to the new member when they confirm their membership,

The 20 HaaSii Hearts it costs to invite someone can be your gift to a friend, OR you are welcome (encouraged, even!) to request a one-time invitation fee.

There are currently no rules on how or how much of what currency should be paid to any member for a new member invitation, and HaaSii.Club does not claim any part of whatever a member might receive in exchange for creating an invitation to join. YOU get to put a value on the HaaSii Hearts you've earned, and you are encouraged to ask whatever you'd like for them.

This simple solution to sharing the financial value of HaaSii.Club's membership growth requires no financial infrastructure, making it equally accessible to members in every part of the world.

Whaaat? This sounds a little too good to be true!

Yes – a bit of location-independent income for people who are making the world a better place IS pretty unusual. But that's exactly what this plan is meant to offer to our HaaSii.Club members everywhere. 

In support of this intention, many of the HaaSii Challenges invite venues where HaaSii membership can easily "sell" itself, to people you share a HaaSii story with, and at a price that makes sense in your context.  

Never forget: we prototype everything! 

As usual with HaaSii, this system is experimental. It will be reviewed at the end of 2017, and will likely be further developed, expanded and tweaked over time. Just for kicks, we're also keeping track of each member's Lifetime Love, which is the running total of all the HaaSii Hearts you've ever earned.