The Wave

Imagine a wave. 

It's a spiraling wave 

Of spirals of human energy,

loving leaves and leaving love

Activating a new vibration where 

Man and woman-kind love being kind. 

know how to connect, know how to learn 

to know ourselves and the world through opening

our hearts and minds to one another as human beings.

Angels, warriors, hosts, co-creators, and all magical humans

Ignite! A world wide wave of cross-cultural co-creative passion in action

can lift us, spiraling as we rise from the mud of our cultural ruts

Stand tall, start small, welcome all to the wave.

Teacher, learner, leader, champion

Roles flowing effortlessly

from one to another

as we rediscover

the magic of


and this

earth we

all call home.

And here we go……..

April 2018: Seattle, Sedona,
                 Los Angeles 

          May 2018: Groningen

                  June 2018: Lisbon, Brussels

                             July 2018: Chiang Mai

                                         August 2018: Pai 

                                  September 2018: Brussels

               29 September – 6 October 2018: Lisbon
   HaaSii Co-creation Camp + Certification Update

November 2018: Groningen, Los Angeles

December 2018: Seattle

January 2019: Kampala 

    February 2019: Pai

         March 2019: Buenos Aires

                   April 2018: Oh the places we'll go…….

                                   Reach out to Christina personally,

or register your love leaf for HaaSii wave event details.