30 months, 2500 events, 50,000 real people, 17 Global Goals. 

July 2018-December 2020, HaaSii.Club events are inspiring a world wide wave of co-creative thinking about the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

We’re inviting cross-cultural discovery and small-group dialogue about the UN global goals into family homes, workplaces, leisure spaces and even remote villages – everywhere that our growing global club can collectively reach.

Our uniquely fun and intimate approach to nurturing meaningful moments of co-creative learning and human connection across differences has been prototyped and refined with small groups in 7 countries on 4 continents since 2016. This audacious plan, and the world of connections that are making it happen, has been more than 20 years in the making.

Looking toward the end of a crazy decade, the story of who we are as humanity is being hijacked by ever more digitalized and story-controlled systems. The HaaSii Wave is a collective global effort to reclaim  control over who we are as human beings, who we can choose to be, and what we can choose to do together at this turbulent time on our planet.

Co-creating a new kind of global story

A HaaSii Wave event experience is locally global, globally local, person to person. individual and together. Our quest along the wave is to co-create, capture and share the special magic that becomes possible when we humans decide to connect across our cultures and align our minds, hearts and intentions with common goals.

We nurture this magic by keeping things real. Differences in each event group become the bridge that connects us in considering and exploring one or more of the UN global goals. Participants catch glimpses of different perspectives on  these goals through the lens of their own and each other’s knowledge and personal experiences. New kinds of ideas for action and shared ways of thinking about our planet’s current realities come to light. New understanding forms around who we can choose to be as human beings, and what we can each choose to do moving forward – individually and together.

Once “initiated” by experiencing a first HaaSii event, participants are invited to join the  HaaSii.Club’s unique network of cross-cultural co-creation experiences. With 17 goals to explore, and 2500+ events planned before the end of 2020, individual participation in multiple events and event formats is highly encouraged. Registered members have access to a monthly updated invitation to the schedule of Wave events through 2020 that will be hosted in peoples’ homes, leisure spaces and remote villages around the world.

HaaSii Wave Event Formats

150 talented Club certified animators are driving the HaaSii Wave forward over the course of 30 months. Four fun event formats offer opportunities to experience moments of authentic connection and cross-cultural discovery both locally and with people from different parts of the world. Our  approach ensures that the Wave events are always unique, always dynamic, and always expanding the minds, hearts and vision of those who join in.

International Certification Courses  are available for those who feel called to help animate culturally diverse groups everywhere we can reach, in co-creating a human-told story of who we are and who we want to be as human beings at this challenging time on our planet.


For registered members worldwide and by local host invitation.

15-20 friends and strangers from diverse backgrounds gather at a private home or community space.

We introduce ourselves in unusual ways, we connect through interesting games, and we randomly select one or more of the UN Sustainable Development goals to focus our exploration on each other’s knowledge and perspectives.

All kinds of learning happens by surprise. Personal mini-action statements are developed. The event concludes with our signature love-leaving ritual, officially inviting and initiating first time participants into the HaaSii.Club’s unique international cross-cultural co-creation network.

A HaaSii@Home event lasts 2.5-3 hours and can accommodate combinations of multiple languages when needed.  Every event is different, due to the random topic selection, the different hosts’ homes, and the unique combination of magical beings who co-create each experience together. HaaSii@Home events are supported by participant donations and the re-sale of handmade HaaSii Village products used at the event.


Organizations are inviting their employees and other stakeholders to think and learn from each other co-creatively through the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. and strengthening multi-cultural workplace relationships along the Wave.

Year long HaaSii@Work programs make diversity training time more meaningful, inviting regular moments of co-creative learning into the workplace and connecting the relevance of the global goals in workers’ own lives and actions.

An international pool of experienced HaaSii.Club Certified event leaders can adapt HaaSii’s co-creative approach to suit organizational groups of different sizes and working languages.

Co-Creation Camp Weekends

Discounts available to registered Club members.

A HaaSii.Club Co-creation Camp Weekend is an opportunity for you to get away in nature and connect with a diverse international group of 20-30 people, who are – or want to become – part of making good things happen in our world.

Through the exploratory lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we’ll get to know each other. We’ll discover our own and each others’ energy, wisdom, ideas and initiatives around helping to achieve one or more of the goals in our own ways. Joint mini-action plans will be formed. Personal action statements will be developed. We’ll each come away with new friends, new travel connections, new inspiration and new insights into our own passions, purpose, projects and possibilities at this time on our rapidly changing planet.

Co-creation Camp weekends are priced to accommodate partially sponsored participation from HaaSii Villages and/or participants from marginalized groups in the host country.

HaaSii Village Adventures

For HaaSii.Club registered members and locally invited participants.

HaaSii Village Adventures are a 21st century model for giving value to old cultural knowledge in under-connected parts of the world.

In 2019, we’re targeting 2 initial villages with a pilot series of 12 monthly 2 day adventures designed to offer an authentic cultural learning experience for visitors, and leave villagers nurtured by the experience (for a change).

Day 1 includes workshops about local culture offered by local village families. Day 2 is an interactive multi-lingual conversation about one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Respectful and mutually enriching learning happens, without anyone trying to help or change anyone or anything.

Through regular repeated events to the same HaaSii Villages over time, families are motivated to remember, learn and continue teaching their old cultural knowledge. They earn some cash for offering homestays and workshops, and are also engaging in regular conversations about the world and how the UN Sustainable Development Goals relate to their lives and communities.

HaaSii Wave Animator Certifications

HaaSii event animators are certified to lead our unusual event formats through a combination of coursework and practice with others. Certification enables animators to earn from organizing and leading HaaSii.Club event formats about the UN Sustainable Development Goals with any group, in any part of the world.

Animators who have completed all 4 HaaSii event format certifications by the end of 2020 are qualified to become co-owners of HaaSii.Club 2.0, when it transitions to co-operatively owned and co-creatively governed international ownership structure in 2021. Every event they complete after certification translates to an additional owned share.  

Online and offline certification course options are available. Practice requirements may entail travel costs. HaaSii.Club does not pay for trainee travel costs but can offer significant reductions on training fees in exchange for work on Club tasks and challenges. We can also happily promote and provide sample texts and logistical support for member crowdfunding campaigns for HaaSii training and practice-related expenses.

Learn more about why becoming a Certified HaaSii Wave animator could be a great next move for you.