HaaSii Wave Animator Certifications

Certified HaaSii Wave animators are a global tribe of impact-driven people, conjuring cross-cultural connection and co-creative energy together and everywhere we can collectively reach through the end of 2020.

Wave animator certification programs have been designed to offer a fun, meaningful and financially interesting add-on activity for dynamic individuals already on a path of making a difference in our world.

This program is by invitation only.

In July 2018, more than 150 passionate, dynamic people all over the planet have been invited to join the HaaSii Wave animator certification program.

If you have been invited, it’s because you have personally served as one of the mental models in this certification program’s design.  Even if you didn’t know it: who you are, how you’ve shown up in the world and what you’ve taught has already made you a hero in the HaaSii Wave story so far.  It’s probable you know many of the others who’ve been invited, too.

This is our time, friends. Everything happening in the world today points to a huge need for the shift in how people connect and align that we can bring forth together along the Wave. The part-time 30 month animator program is a flexible framework for doing that together in a way that spans the globe, understands and respects all that you do, and offers some financial expansiveness for all of us.

Please say yes to stepping up to lead the Wave in the communities you love. The first 24 to confirm their participation will be called “HaaSii Angels” and will receive Angel-level Club benefits and privileges for their role in getting the Wave moving.

Currently scheduled courses have limited space and are offered on a first-to-confirm basis to all those invited. The first online option begins in August, the first residential option begins on 28 September in Portugal.

There’s a lot of information below. Please settle in and read the entire program description carefully before you confirm your participation.

Wave Animator Certification Overview

HaaSii Wave animators are an international tribe of travelers, changemakers, facilitators, lightworkers, travel guides, retirees and global nomads. Group coursework and practice connects us on a deep level. As a united team we embody and nurture intense love for the planet, respectful cross-cultural curiosity, a warrior’s sense of adventure, and everlasting hope in humanity.

We believe in the value of solutions to local and global challenges that are co-creatively inspired by diverse cultural perspectives and human experiences. To this end, we’re joining forces for a 30 month campaign to co-create a connected wave of co-creative learning and thinking about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in simple, small group events on every part of the planet we can reach.

Our objective as a team of Wave animators is to invite, capture and share a new kind of human story for our time. It’s a true story of what happens – anywhere and everywhere – when ordinary people connect with their hearts to learn about different realities and perspectives on our world, and explore how to align with common goals. It’s a story with outcomes and impacts that will inevitably surprise us at the personal, community and global level. As a team, we watch for patterns in what happens along the Wave, and explore ways to uplift and uphold those values once the campaign is over at the end of 2020.

Certification programs for Wave animators provide the tools, formats, training, experience and active support community that connect us and create financial viability for our collective effort along the Wave. Four certifications are available, one for each of the 4 Wave event formats. Animators who complete all 4 Wave certifications before the end of 2020 qualify as co-owners of HaaSii.Club 2.0, which will register in 2021 as a cooperatively owned and governed global entity. Every Wave event completed by a certified animator before the end of 2020 represents an additional owned share of the future potential we co-create.

I’m already so busy – how can I make time for this?

Quick answers:
Self-paced, Social connection-based, Simple events, Streamlined reporting, Supportive space

Wave animator certification can be completed any time before the end of 2020 at a pace that makes sense for each individual. After certification, leading just one event per month in any of the 4 formats will contribute significantly to the Wave effort and grow your share ownership. Leading more events each month can result in a significant stream of earned income. It’s really up to you.

You schedule your own events, when and where you’re going to be. Responsibility for inviting participants is shared with your hosts and the Club, however, the best starting point for every animator is a 2.5 hr event for your own community. The same animator can but is not required to carry each group forward; our international pool of animators can work in tag teams to help keep an activated group’s momentum going.

Once learned and practiced, HaaSii Wave events are super simple to orchestrate. Very little design or planning time is needed. The sharing & reporting required to complete each event is streamlined and can be partially outsourced to participants. Collective marketing of Wave events means animators are not able to substitute event format elements with their own designed process. However, every event offers a perfect platform and captive audience for promoting/selling your own social change-related work, especially products or other workshop opportunities you might be offering.

Your time invested in the dynamic HaaSii Wave animator community will greatly enrich your network of solid connections, friendships, and opportunities for promoting your own work and refining it to better align with the common global goals we’re exploring.

Can I earn income as a Wave Animator?

Quick answer: Yes
Products, Participants, Planned Event sales, Professional Pool, Participatory Ownership

HaaSii@Home events are supported by participant donations and the resale of beautiful handmade HaaSii Village products used by animators at the event. HaaSii@Home events are also ripe marketing ground for any Co-creation Camp weekends or Village adventures you’re planning, as well as for HaaSii@work client referrals. They are also a perfect venue for promoting your own products, workshops or other social change related work.

Co-creation Camp weekends are priced on the high side to cover costs, animator fees, and partially sponsored participation from HaaSii Villages, marginalized groups in the host country and apprentices. Registered Club members worldwide receive a discount. These pricing practices help to ensure a diverse event group, and are adaptable to local cost structures. You have final control over the price of Co-creation Camp weekends added by you to the Wave calendar.

HaaSii Village adventures are priced to include meals, homestay and workshop fees paid to the village host families, transport from the nearest large town, plus fees/lodging for an animator and apprentice team. A contribution to a village development fund to be used for a village-determined purpose at the end of 1 year is also included.

HaaSii@Work will draw from our growing international pool of experienced and certified Wave animators to bring HaaSii Wave events into workplaces of different sizes and working languages. Once certified, you are encouraged to develop your own long term client packages for regular events over the course of 1 year, combining elements from all of your Wave event certifications to suit a client’s organization, size and schedule.

In addition to the financial flows mentioned above, each Wave event completed after certification is worth 1 additional owned share in the co-owned structure of HaaSii.Club 2.0. Think for a minute about the global knowledge, experience and value we will have co-created by then…. As a fully certified Wave animator you’ll have a shareholding voice over how that moves forward, once we’ve seen what emerges through the 30 months of our collective, coordinated adventure together.

What’s required to become certified?

Quick answer:
Invitation, Coursework, Community, Collaborative practice, Completion

In order to apply for the HaaSii Wave certification program, you must be invited by another Certified animator who is willing to sponsor the first share you earn upon certification. Starting in 2019, you will need to be a registered club member in order to be invited into the certification program.

Online and offline certification course options are available. Each Wave event certification requires 10 hours of coursework plus practice as an event apprentice. The complete 40 hours of coursework is offered in an intensive 5 day training retreat or, the material can also be learned in small online groups in 4 separate one-month courses.

40 hour animator training courses:

  • 01-05 October 2018 – Lisbon, Portugal (Co-creation Camp add-on available 28-30 Sept)
  • 20-24 January 2019 – Chiang Mai, Thailand (Co-creation Camp + Village adventure add-ons available)
  • 24-28 May 2019 – Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • 20-24 October 2019 – Kampala, Uganda (Village adventure add-on available)


10 hour online animator courses:

  • HaaSii@Home 06-31 Aug 2018 / 26 Nov – 21 Dec 2018
  • Co-creation Camps 22 Oct – 16 Nov 2018 / 01-26 April 2019
  • HaaSii@work 04-29 Mar 2019 / 10 June – 05 July 2019
  • Village Adventures 29 Apr – 24 May 2019 / 15 July – 09 Aug 2019

Completing the coursework in international groups connects animators to each other in a supportive community of practice. Apprentice animators will connect to get advice, troubleshoot challenges and coordinate their practice events through monthly practice support calls offered at different time zones. Each Wave certification is complete when the animator has completed the requisite number of practice events (as apprentice, co-leader or solo leader, as appropriate.)

How much does certification cost?

Quick answers:
Pace, Payment plans, Labor Pool, Participatory funding support, Packages or a la carte

The exact cost of the HaaSii Wave certifications program depends on the pace you are able to complete it. Certification program fees will increase as the Wave campaign progresses.

Every effort will be made to ensure that invited applicants are available to afford becoming certified. Payment plans are available. Course fees can be reduced by up to 90% in exchange for participation in the HaaSii.Club labor pool (helping online with campaign tasks and systems development work behind the scenes) at a rate of $20-$22.50 per hour.

Your travel expenses are not included in certification pricing. However, sample texts, promotion and budgeting help is offered by the Club in support of personal crowdfunding campaigns to cover certification fees and related travel costs.

Fast-track 2018 Residential Certification Package: $ 2500

  • 28-30 September, Lisbon Co-creation Camp Weekend
  • 01-05 October, Lisbon Animator Training Course
  • Supplies for 25 participants
  • 2 Co-creation Camp practice experiences
  • 1 Village Adventure practice experience (Thailand or Uganda)
  • Monthly community support calls in different time zones

Fast-track 2018 Online Certification Package: $2700

  • HaaSii@Home Online Course 08-31 Aug 2018
  • Supplies for 20 participants
  • Co-creation Camps Online Course 22 Oct – 16 Nov 2018
  • 3 co-creation camp practice experiences
  • HaaSii@work Online Course 04-29 Mar 2019
  • Village Adventures Online Course 29 Apr – 24 May 2019
  • 1 Village Adventure practice experience (Thailand or Uganda)
  • Monthly community support calls in different time zones

2019 Residential Certification Package: $2900

  • 5 day Animator Training Course:
    Chiang Mai (Jan), Los Angeles (May), Uganda (Oct)
  • Supplies for 20 participants
  • Monthly community support calls in different time zones
  • 3 Co-creation Camp practice experiences
  • 1 Village Adventure practice experience (Thailand or Uganda)

A la Carte Online Courses:

  • HaaSii@Home Online Course
    Includes: Supplies for 20 participants , community support calls in different time zones
    :: 06-31 Aug 2018 $500
    :: 26 Nov – 21 Dec 2018 $600
  • Co-creation Camps Online Course
    Includes: 2 co-creation camp practice experiences
    :: 22 Oct – 16 Nov 2018 $750
    :: 01-26 April 2019 $850
  • HaaSii@work Online Course
    Includes: community support calls in different time zones
    :: 04-29 Mar 2019 $750
    :: 10 June – 05 July 2019 $850
  • Village Adventures Online Course
    Includes: 1 village adventure practice experience, community support calls in different time zones
    :: 29 Apr – 24 May 2019 $750
    :: 15 July – 09 Aug 2019 $850

How to say YES!

It’s no accident you are here.  If you’ve been invited, this program has literally been designed with people like you in mind. This is the kind of global story you were born to be a part of. Our time is now.

Let’s turn the end of this crazy decade into an epic, life-changing and world-changing time.

To get started, please fill out this brief enrolment form.

The details of your payment plan and participation schedule will be finalized individually.